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Why Intellect?

                                         We are a leading transcription company with expertise in the transcription services world wide. We serve Media companies, Law firms, Libraries, Market research companies, Recruiters, Insurance companies, Doctors, Students and counting on....

We have been maintaining our quality since our inception a couple of years ago and we have been intellectual in each and every work we do. As a result, we have a huge recurring customer base.

A few types of Transcription services we provide 

  • General transcription
  • Medical transcription
  • Business transcription
  • Media transcription
  • Interview transcription
  • Legal transcription
  • Academic transcription
  • Conference transcription

Transcription Process

We  follow a systematic and accurate work process right from the time we receive an audio or a video file for transcription. 

We have provided an upload widget in our website  which is a safer method to transfer your contents to us.

Once we receive the audio or video content for transcription, Our production team analyses the quality of the audio and based on the quality and other special requirement or extra services, a price quote is fixed and e-mailed.

After your confirmation on the pricing and TAT(Turn Around Time) we send you a payment link to make the payment. We provide our customers a more flexible option on payment. You can either make the full payment or 50% of the bill as upfront and make the balance after the work is completed.

Once a payment is made, we send our clients an e-mail confirming the payment amount received.

Now, our work begins with transcribing the audio/video manually by our expert transcription team. Once the content is transcribed, Our experienced proof readers check  the transcript to ensure the transcript is accurate.

Our quality team verifies the quality and the transcript is all set to be delivered through e-mail.

Hope we have made you understand our process in detail. A process flow chart is available to explain our process in a simpler way..   

Our Process Chart

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